Central Business Center

  • Client: JC Real Estate - Lebanon
  • Year: 2017
  • Category: Branding Digital


CENTRAL BUSINESS CENTER serves the purpose of several businesses, industries and a wide range of professionals and commercial enterprises with some of the most state-of-the-art facilities and amenities required in modern-day commerce. With the benefit of proximity and brevity of travel needed by all business owners and customers, the destination is a central hub for a host of needs and wants. With state of the art facilities; elegance and sophistication are evident in the architectural design; an attractive icon to the eye.

KALEIDO was tasked with building the brand identity and visual expression of the brand and how it would live across all touchpoints.

We starting with discovery and advising on a brand name highlighting the center's unique selling proposition: location, location, location.
the new name of "Central Business Center" was selected along with a slogan "Build your future today".

We created a bold and impactful brand identity to reflect the business center's unique technology-meets-luxury approach.
Then we developed a communication campaign to generate a buzz and put the business center on the map while injecting new character to its surrounding.
We strategically designed wireframes for the website to guide prospects to get all the information they seek. This work was extended into Digital Brand experiences communicated on social media channels, website and on site-screens.

Center Name | Identity Systems | Internal Branding | Marketing Collateral |Communication Campaign | Website UX-UI | Digital Brand Experiences 

View Central General video  |  Central Conference Room Video
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