Hélice Helipad

  • Client: CCContractors - Lebanon
  • Year: 2018
  • Category: Branding

Beirut Premier Panoramic Venue!

Add the WOW factor to your next corporate event or product Launch. Hélice is an events' venue located on the top of Qubic Square Busines Center overlooking Beirut from one side and Mount Lebanon from the other side.

KALEIDO was tasked with building the brand identity and visual expression of the brand and how it would live across all touchpoints.
Starting with discovery and advising on the new name. We suggested few directions for the brand name and Hélice was selected; The word comes from Greek roots "helix - spiral".

The logomark is inspired from the letter "H" that's usually marking the Helipad terriority. The logomark is matched with a bold all caps typeface revealing more of the venue's character and attitude.

A progressive nature and sense of intrigue is expressed through a promotional video that was produced and communicated through digital screens; elevator displays and social media chanels giving a taste of what lies on the top of QUBIC SQUARE Business Center.

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