Sharkiah Website

  • Client: Lilium Kuwait
  • Year: 2021
  • Category: Digital

Contemporary, five-star beauty center

Sharkiah Beauty Center was founded in Kuwait to tailor to women a unique and comforting experience. KALEIDO was tasked with creating an informative website that portrays Sharkiah as the contemporary, five-star beauty center that it is.
Influenced by minimalist tones and geometrical shapes, the new website is an indication of the beauty center’s excellence and versatility. The landing pages are fully optimized based on SEO best practices. We’ve also optimized the viewing experience to be responsive on both mobile devices and large screens.

The site was designed with the customer in mind to be as convenient and versatile as possible. Not only does it integrate a seamless services’ offering, but it also includes more information about each service, and straightforward navigation through the comprehensive site menu.

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