Judi April Cosmetics Online Store

  • Client: Sharkia Life Group - Kuwait
  • Year: 2020-21
  • Category: eCommerce Digital

judiapril.com — A digital transformation and eCommerce experience to help progress a iconic retail house of beauty brands. Judi April is a cosmetic retail company that sells beauty products in the traditional retail store with a selection of curated brands such as Kérastase, L’Oréal, Maybelline, Memoriz Dermacol, Kryolan and BeautyNails.

As part of its evolution, Judi April looked to expand through an eCommerce transformation. KALEIDO was commissioned as a partner to help the brand stand out by appealing to a new generation of customers while maintaining its loyal clientele. The client challenged us to craft a new digital experience that brings forward the brand’s unique qualities while also providing a fully automated, industry-leading shopping experience.

The brand new Judi April eCommerce platform combine the humanity of wellnes with the cutting edge of today’s technology breakthroughs. The brand was reguvenated through a new design language, friendly and approachable content, and an updated identity that is distinctly Judi April.

For an enjoyable customer experience, we designed various shopping utitilies and worked the navigation framework o reduce users’ confusion and help them find products and content. Users can now filter by product type, concern and/or solution. This approach allows users to obtain a holistic overview of the offerings with minimal effort.

Additionally, we brought together “beauty education, product information and brand inspiration to balance Judi April’s history with the needs of today’s audience.

Baseline design principles are essential to any user experience, but stories, perspectives, and content give it meaning. We were tasked with building not only a frictionless experience but a purposeful one, as well.

eCommerce Platform | UX-UI design | Digital Strategy | Content Strategy | Launch Campaign | Maintenance & Support

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