NNF Artist Booking Agency

  • Client: Not Necessarily Famous - Kuwait
  • Year: 2017
  • Category: Branding

"I don't remember if it was a film, a painting or a song but soon after I knew what I wanted to be; an artist.

In a competitive world, it is hard to find your path, your voice, or your canvas.
I started off small and humble roaming through my city with open eyes, it was hard to start producing my art but with time I realized that it was in everything around. I don't know yet where my journey will take me.

I am "Not Necessarily Famous" but I know that every step counts."

is an innovative media agency and platform that aims to provide a supportive and creative stage for the music and art scene. With their collective and extensive experience in the arts and entertainment industry, artists will be featured and promoted through ‘showcase gigs’, other musical events, and creative collaborations to help highlight their creative skills and potential and further their musical careers.

Identity Systems | Stationary design | Marketing Collateral | On-site Branding | Events' Branding  | Digital Brand Experiences

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