Sharkiah - Loyalty & Booking Application

  • Client: Lilium Co - Kuwait
  • Year: 2019
  • Category: Digital eCommerce

Sharkiah Beauty Center was founded in Kuwait to tailor to women a unique and comforting experience.

In a crowded category steeped in ever-changing trends, the beauty industry has seen a fundamental shift in the way consumers discover products and services. Online presence and mobile apps are today’s cosmetic counters. The consumer’s path to purchase or book a beauty appointment starts (and continues) online, making platform-specific educational content.

KALEIDO was commissioned to create a mobile application for services' private rooms reservation, loyalty program, and cardless transaction. The Sharkiah Premium Loyalty mobile app is designed to give the customer access to a personal premium loyalty account, news, and exclusive rewards.

Taking cues from the actual selling ceremony at Sharkiah Beauty Center, we designed and developed a bilingual mobile application to reinvigorate this classic brand and its famous slogan, injecting new character, meaning and relevance for today’s customers.

Mobile Application (iOS/Android) | UX-UI | Content Management | Communication Campaign

Sharkiah App on AppStore | Google Play

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